Friday, 2 March 2012


I don't like introductions because of their usual awkward atmosphere, but anyway, hi. :) My name is Judith, I am fourteen and it's been long since I wanted to make a blog, but my inspiration was missing and now it is hopefuly back again... Well at least for some time. I am gonna post fashion articles as well as things from my life, such as my photos etc etc etc.

A kak photo of me(left) and my friend, too lazy to upload a nice photo of myself, haha.
I guess it would be appropriate to at least make a slight idea about who I am - I am originally a /not so/ ordinary girl from Czech Republic (central Europe), came to South Africa when I was eleven (almost twelve...), fully spoke basic english when i was in my late twelves/early thirteens. I am quite pale, my hair is dip dyed blonde at the bottom and I LOVE fashion and style. Expect many posts for that one.
I DOUBT anyone actually read this, but just to feel good about myself I had to write it down. Just in case.

I love my family, friends, art and music (the beatles:).

See ya...

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  1. You're an interesting girl. :) And on the photo you have got nice dresses! I will visit your blog. :)